Christian Teen Suspended For Preaching The Gospel At School

A Christian student at Cascade High School in Everett, Washington state, was suspended three times for preaching and handing out Bible verses on school grounds.

The student, Michael Leal, is now suing his school district in federal court arguing in the lawsuit that his rights were violated with unfair punishments, the school claims that he has continued to pose a ”substantial disruption,” which is what official say led to the three infractions.

“He was informed of District policy – and told that he could not create a substantial disruption at school or school events,” School attorney Michael Patterson said in a letter.

Leal is being represented by attorney Conrad Reynoldson as well as the conservative Pacific Legal Institute.

“It is deeply troubling to see a school district dig in its heels on a policy that is so clearly unconstitutional – we are eager to vindicate Mr. Leal’s rights and prevent him from being expelled for simply sharing his deeply-held beliefs,” Pacific Justice Institute Brad Dacus said in a statement.