Teacher Demands Christian Boy Stop Reading His Bible. His Response? Watch

giovani rubeo

A Florida boy claims he was banned from reading the Bible during free-reading time in school.

Park Lakes Elementary fifth grader Giovani Rubeo said that when his teacher directed students to begin reading their book of choice for independent reading, he pulled out his Bible. That’s when the boy’s attorney claims his teacher, Swornia Thomas, stepped in and demanded he “put that religious book away.” Rubeo refused.

Mrs. Thomas then demanded the boy call his father so that she could reprimand him and inform them of the disturbing situation.

giovani rubeo
Giovani Rubeo and his father during an interview with Fox News

However the boy’s father took a stand for his believes and instructed his son to “stay strong in his faith” and “deny the teacher’s unconstitutional demands.”

“This is an egregious violation of the Constitution, as well as a very terrible violation of the United Sates Department of Education policy,” said Rubeo’s attorney Jeremiah Dys. “Students do not shed their constitutional rights when they enter through the schoolhouse gates.” Meanwhile, the School District says this is all a big misunderstanding.

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