Middle School Students Break Down In Tears When They See This

A School Assembly turned into a tearful experience for these middle schoolers when they were called in together, not knowing what was in store for them.

Everything was normal until guest speaker and former WCW and WWE champion, Marc Mero, took the stage and delivered a powerful speech that reduced the students to tears.

Mero started by sharing his personal story with the students, revealing that, while growing up, he didn’t surround himself with the best of people, which led to him experiencing a lot of tragedy later on in life. Many people he knew died because of their dangerous lifestyles. Knowing that he couldn’t go on enduring the loss of loved ones without doing anything, Mero decided to turn away from the road he was following to become a public speaker for young people.

The video below captures the part of the speech where Mero talks about his past with his mother and what he wishes he would’ve done differently. This powerful video is definitely worth watching. We are deeply touched and encouraged by Mero sharing his life experiences, and we hope you will be too.

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