Christians Cheer Trump’s Proposal For Scrooge Starbucks


It’s November but we’ve already got one Grinch out there- Starbucks Coffee raised the ire of Christians with their outspoken embrace of generic holiday cups rather than traditional Christmas decor.

Now Conservative Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is coming out swinging with leadership.  At a rally earlier this week Trump offered Christians everywhere the quick and easy solution for dealing with Starbucks’ ultra-PC behavior.   “You know, these businesses, they can only get away with this as long we we let them.  Its time for Christians and Conservatives everywhere to boycott this place and show them just how important Christmas is to us.  I bet you they change their tune then!”

Shortly after the rally concluded the hashtag #boycottstarbucks had already appeared on over 9,000 Twitter accounts.

Trump isn’t stopping with just a boycott however; he’s now reviewing the lease of all Starbucks locations in his various properties for violations.  Dunkin Donuts has stepped forward as an eager replacement with a full line of Christmas themed merchandise ready to roll out for the holidays.