The City Council Took Away Their Cross, So The Citizens Took Away Their Jobs

Citizens of one Iowa town made good on a threat to their local city council:  “Take Away Our Cross and We’ll Take Away Your Jobs!”

The situation in Knoxville, Iowa first began when a secularist group called Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent the city a letter demanding the removal of a local veterans memorial.  The memorial in question depicted the silhouette of a soldier, stooped before a cross.

Citizens were adamant that the cross remain.  “Who are these people, who don’t even live here, to demand what we can and can’t do in our community?”  Asked Carolyn Boswell, one of the organizers of the “Save Our Cross” committee.

City Officials did bow, however, voting to remove the cross from public display.  They would pay the price in November, as the “Save Our Cross” initiative ran a candidate against every single council member who voted against the memorial.  Of the three one resigned while two were soundly defeated.

“We never wanted to have to make good on these threats.”  Boswell said.  “But we’re tired of everyone running from Christianity.  You have to stand up for your beliefs, otherwise what do you stand for?”

The unnamed veteran who initially built and placed the memorial is now looking into legal options to restore it as well.