An Editorial From Our Staff to Our Readers

The following is an editorial by the staff members of The Christian Telegram addressing the recent attacks in Paris, France.

Hours after the dust had settled French President Francois Hollande vowed to wage a “pitiless war” against the enemies of the West which have brought us so much anger.

Truth be told, President Hollande’s language is more of the same rhetoric we’ve heard too many times before.  For nearly fifteen years now the West has been fending off attacks from the East, attacks growing bolder and more evil in their execution.  It is time that we, in the Civilized World, finally admit what so many in governance and media do not want to discuss.

Islam is entirely incapable of coexisting with the West.

Islam is a religion, and the United States Constitution guarantees us this freedom.  What is does not protect are the usages of these freedoms for destructive purposes.  Let us not forget that Nazism was a form of free speech, and the Bushido militarism of Japan a form of free expression.  These ideologies, however, were fundamentally opposed to our way of life and the end result was war.

The West has struggled for years to commit itself to the idea of a melting pot, that all cultures and peoples can live and meet in one place peacefully.  No nation has tried this with Islam harder than France, whose people now buckle under the second major attack of 2015.  At what point are we ready to admit that accepting Islam into the West has been a failure?

We at The Christian Telegram do not support a response to this attack that involves bombing the Middle East or putting troops on the ground.  History has already shown us that these wasteful interventions only play into ISIS’ strategy.  They will resist our attempts to change them just as hard as they are working to change us.

The war has already come to our doorstep.  It is time for the Western World to respond by fighting Islam at home.  This means:

  • Governments acknowledging that Islam is an ideology bent on the West’s destruction.
  •   Devoting intelligence efforts to monitoring and tracking Muslim communities.
  •  Restricting immigration from the Middle East, and sending back the refugees who have already arrived.
  •  Acknowledging that Muslims see themselves as soldiers, and therefore treating criminal Muslims as the enemy combatants they are.
  • Putting laws in place laws to limit the construction of mosques, display of Islamic symbology, and ability of Muslim radicals to manipulate public policy in their favor.

There is nothing which the Western Civilized World is capable of doing that will change Islam or convince them to join us in the 21st Century.  It is time to end this conflict once and for all by pushing this evil ideology out of our streets and back to the deserts from which it came.

If we fail, then none of us should be surprised when our daughters wear the hijab.