ISIS’ US Attack List Shows Just How Defenseless We Really Are

Since their Friday attack on Paris ISIS has been doing a victory lap of sorts, issuing threats all over the civilized world.

Among the propaganda pieces coming out are various “lists” compiled by the terrorist group as to their most desirable targets.  What’s given security experts cause for concern is that these aren’t the usual terror targets such as power plants and airports, but more more mundane infrastructure targets.

Among the items on ISIS’ terror list:

  • Freeway bridges and overpasses, preferably those in large cities and that function as major transit routes
  • Bridges, particularly those carrying trains
  • “Soft” targets, defined as daycares, grocery stores, and nursing homes
  • Parks and community centers (notably during non peak hours to catch security off guard)
  • Security lines, using both bombs and military style tactics (a tactic used to great success in Iraq)

What makes the above list so frightening is that it reflects a very flexible adaptation on ISIS’ part to a changing situation.  Recognizing the difficulty of attacking larger, well defended facilities the terror group is turning its attention to items that are nearly impossible to defend and possess a high potential for casualties.