Officers Surprise Bully Victim With The Birthday Party Of His Dreams

It’s hard to go to school and get bullied everyday. It is not acceptable and kids shouldn’t have to deal with that.

Unfortunately for Braden Garnett, he suffers from dyslexia, Asperger syndrome, and a condition that cause his eyes to misalign. He gets bullied for it everyday. He tells CNN that kids at school bully him, “telling me that I’m a crosseyed freak and I’m not good at kickball.”

As a parent, knowing the harsh things your child goes through at school is tough and heartbreaking.

Braden’s 11th birthday was coming up and his mother, Carrie, had planned a birthday party for him. She invited 36 total kids and only 3 of them said they would show up.

Carrie was upset and wanted to give her boy a very special day. She contacted the Pekin Police Department, asking to help make her son’s birthday special. All she wanted was for them to show up.

The Police Department did more than show up, they planned a paintball birthday party for Braden. More than a dozen police officers and firefighters showed up. They even brought their own kids to celebrate Braden’s birthday.

The 11-year-old had the best day ever.

Watch the news segment below.

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