10-Year-Old Boy With Special Needs Fights To Stay Alive After Being Set On Fire

This is just a bad case of bullying turned horrible. No matter what, if our kids get bullied we get worried. It’s unacceptable and there is no excuse for it.

Kayden Culp is a 10-year-old boy with special needs. He has a hearing impairment and speaks with a lisp. His family describes him as a sweet boy who’s always tried to fit in. No matter how many kids treat him bad and bully him, he still considers them his friends.

One day Kayden went out to play with a few of the boys who have been known to bully him.

“My son is a special guy. He was rowdy and he liked to have fun,” said his mom, Tristyn. “He considered these guys his friends, but they would make fun of him and pick on him and tease him. He was usually the brunt of that kind of joke, but he kept playing with them.”

Later that day, Kayden’s parents got notice that there was a fire. Arriving at the scene things were worst than expected. Kayden was on fire. The family acted quick and put the fire out. Shortly after First Responders air-liften the boy to the nearest hospital.


On the way there Kayden told his mother something horrifying. He said it was another boy that “did this to me — he set me on fire.”

Kayden is now recovering from his burns and needs all our prayers to get well.

Unfortunately, the event is still a mystery and it is unknown if it was an accident, or if the other boys actually set Kayden on fire on purpose.

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