These Stores Were Just Named The 8 Worst Anti-Christmas Retailers In America

A list of the worst anti-Christmas retailers in America was published by The Liberty Counsel in its 14th annual “Naughty & Nice” review of American retailers and their attitudes toward Christian themes during the Christmas season.

The list is based on cases monitored by The Liberty Counsel across the U.S. where the celebration of Christmas is in danger in public and private spaces.

“These cases include atheist groups seeking to ban nativity scenes from public property, senior living centers that prohibit residents from singing Christmas carols, public schools that ban students from wearing the Christmas colors of red and green, school officials who censor religious words from Christmas carols, and retailers which profit from Christmas while pretending it does not exist,” the group explained.

“In all of these situations, Liberty Counsel has successfully educated and reversed these anti-Christmas actions,” the group said while sharing its 2016 “Naughty & Nice List,” categorizing companies by those that recognize Christmas and those which seek to censor it.

Other conservative organizations, such as the American Family Association, have also already began their “Keep Christ in Christmas” campaigns.

AFA President Tim Wildmon announced earlier in November that his group is offering free wristbands with messages about the battle against “secular liberals.”

“You might ask why we think this is an important battle. Well, secular liberals in our nation are bent on minimizing and even removing any mention of Christianity from the public square. And no other time of the year reminds people of Jesus Christ and America’s Christian heritage more than the Christmas season,” Wildmon wrote at the time.

The “nice” list is more exhaustive and includes 26 retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, JCPenney, ToysRUs and Walmart, among others.

The “naughty” list has eight entries, listed in alphabetical order:

American Eagle Outfitters
Dick’s Sporting Goods
Gap Inc.
J. Crew Outfitters
The Limited
Old Navy
TJ Maxx

Speaking of these retailers, Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, said:

“Celebrating Christmas is legal in public schools and in public venues. In the private retail market, consumers can choose to patronize stores that recognize Christmas and refuse to buy from those that pretend it does not exist.”