Disney Movies Could Give You Early Retirement

As with many collectors items, you never know the gold mine that you might be sitting on. Well, if you’ve ever collected Disney movies, (that have collected dust over the years) – you might want to dust them off, as those obsolete videos have multiplied in value over time and could be worth thousands!

Check to see if you have any of these classics that are now worth 10 times their original value:

This lovable elephant will make you a profit even bigger than his ears, with one copy selling for $2,800.00 on eBay.

This Genie may not grant you 3 wishes, but having a Black Diamond copy of the 1993 classic, could turn you into a prince, selling for up to $10,000.00!

This 1950 Walt Disney classic is a magical tale, selling over $5,000.00 for a Black Diamond VHS copy.

“The Jungle Book”
$1,000.00 for this copy of the classic “bare necessities.”

“Beauty and the Beast”
There’s no joke here! A Black Diamond Edition of “Beauty and the Beast” sold for $17,000.00

“The Fox and the Hound”
If this movie has made you cry enough for a lifetime – dry your tears! An unopened copy of the 1981 VHS sold for $10,000.00!

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”
With the original release in 1937 of this classic film, the 1994 Masterpiece Collection Edition could make you close to $1,000.00

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame”
This Disney film rakes in at selling for $1,500.00!