Media Ignores President Trump Capturing Dozens Of Terrorists in U.S.

Amidst allegations of ties to Russia, President Trump said that he was going to make our streets safer, and he is fulfilling his promise of restoring law and order in our country with more than 600 law enforcement rounding up the gang members, all believed to be connected with the “Nine Trey Gangsters” wing of the ‘United Blood Nation’, an east-coast offshoot of the California ‘Bloods’.

Federal prosecutors have attributed much of law enforcement’s success to President Trump’s “unleashing all the law at our disposal” per his executive order. The FBI in the state of North Carolina alone, have arrested 83 people connected to gang activity.

In fact, U.S. Attorney General Jill Rose of Charlotte said that the Trump administration’s tougher sentencing, and commitment to fighting gang violence have played a significant role in cracking down on organized crime, and has stated, “We have come for you and we will keep coming for you,” Rose warned. “We’re just getting started.”

Let’s continue to pray for our President and law enforcement to keep our Country safe!