Second Lady, Karen Pence Tells The Truth About Her Marriage

In recent weeks the Vice President’s marriage has been a topic of headlines, with most pundits mocking his personal choice of not dining with women who aren’t his wife.

While infidelity seems to be a prerequisite for politics in Washington D.C., Mike and Karen Pence are a breath of fresh air for those who care about family values. During an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network, the Second Lady didn’t shy away from talking about the role God plays in her marriage with the Vice President.

Karen Pence’s message in this segment was simple, yet incredibly important: God must be your number one! That was something that she and her husband decided many years ago, and they still choose to place Christ as the focal point of their marriage.

What an inspiring message from Karen, for not only sharing her story but also in not being afraid of making God the center of her life!